Sad Face

I wasn’t going to post this, I was going to answer this week’s SBQ. I probably still will, later. But I’m feeling a little confused and miserable about something right now, have to get it off my chest.

Did you ever get the idea that someone just didn’t like you? I’ve been experiencing this feeling for a couple of months. I really have nothing concrete to base this on. A particular person in my life seems to be constantly avoiding me, despite my friendliness towards her. However, in the company of others, she will appear to be perfectly pleasant. So really, it’s just vibes that I’m basing this on. I’m usually reasonably perceptive about these things, and it isn’t that I’ve never had people not like me before (get that for a double negative!) It’s just always been blatantly obvious before, y’know! The silly thing is, I really don’t crave this person’s friendship, so I don’t think I’m coming across as a desperate loser :giggle: As I said, I’m just friendly in a general friendly-towards-strangers sort of way. I wish the courtesy could be returned. If not, I would prefer she would just get her dislike for me out in the open, then we can all go on our merry way.

Sorry for the blah. I need to get past this. Hopefully “talking” about it will help me. I’ll be back later… it’s time to introduce you to my UFO!

One response to “Sad Face

  1. 🙄

    Hi, stitches,

    Yes, I have had that happen to me. The great thing about when it happens now is that I don’t care. In my blog, I talk about the “Recreation after 40” and the best part is the change mentally. I just don’t have the energy to worry about it. I’m worth getting to know. And you are too! If this chick does it again, just sort of place yourself (mentally, of course!) in an invisible bubble where nothing can get through. I’ve used this trick for years and it sure makes it easier!