Hi Terri 😉 You have the dubious honour of being my first ever tagger. I suppose since everyone had to tag 7 other bloggers, it was inevitable I would be reached sometime. Now, I know I’ve said (more than once) I don’t do memes, but how can I resist, once I’ve been tagged? Besides, I can whip this up quickly… so here goes:

7 Things I Want to Do Before I Die:
Go Hot Air Ballooning; Have laser eye surgery; Visit Spain; Ireland; Canada; Make a Quilt; Learn to do lampworking.
7 Things I Can Do:
Make the world’s best Tiramisu; Anaethetise rabbits (no, really!); Understand Java; Play the piano; List the first 20 elements in the periodic table; Give magic mummy kisses; Pat my head and rub my tummy!
7 Things I Can’t Do:
Cook without a recipe; Play 3D ‘puter games; Abide Spam; Feign interest convincingly; Forgive and forget; Fly a kite; Refuse chocolate.
7 Things that Attract Me to Another Person:
Intelligence; Sensibility; Sparkling Eyes; Abilities I lack; Tall, dark and handsomeness; Creativity; Humour. Whoa, whaddya know. OtherHalf has all of those qualities. Lucky for him :giggle:
7 Celebrity Crushes:
Corey Feldman; Corey Haim; Christian Slater; Sean Astin; Jason Bateman; Andrew McCarthy; Joey McIntyre. What? Well, it doesn’t specify *now*, does it :giggle: I’m talking 15 years ago here.
7 Things I Say the Most:
“Oh, for crying out loud”; “Finn, NO!”; “Hey there”; “No problem”; “Be careful”; “Love you”; “Can’t wait until uni’s finished”.
7 Bloggers I will tag:
Nope. I’m sure you’ve all done it by now 🙂

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