…And Chocolate

Happy hundredth post to me
Happy hundredth post to me
Happy one hundredth post dear Me-eeee
Happy hundredth post to me

Well, according to my admin panel, anyway. I sure as heck am not going back to count :giggle:

I was going to celebrate the occasion with some stitching porn. My SB&B order arrived, yee-hah! But I forgot to get photos while we still had light, so that will have to wait for later. Or perhaps I’ll wait for my Silkweaver and Country Stitch orders (Oh yes, I have burned that wagon to the ground, that’s for sure) to arrive, and take a photo of the whole lot together. Yummy, yummy stash!

So I thought I would treat you to my personal rant for the day. Peppermint chocolate eggs. Or rather, the lack thereof.

Am I the only person here who has an invisible “And Chocolate” on the bottom of every shopping list I write? Please tell me I’m not alone, or I’ll weep! Anyway, on tonight’s supermarket excursion, I was meandering past the Easter eggs, and my “And Chocolate” magically appeared. Just like that! I’ve got over my shock at seeing Easter eggs in the stores by, what was it – January 4th, or thereabouts?! So I thought I’d have a little look-see.

No Peppermint Filled Eggs!


Last Easter, no peppermint eggs. I was hoping it was just a glitch… a little oversight which would be hastily corrected. But no. I am so sad. I didn’t buy any eggs… in protest. Or something. I just had a little grumble and went and picked up a standard bar o’ chocolate instead. Grumble grumble.

If there are (preferably Cadbury) peppermint eggs hiding out in any other corner of Australia, could someone let me know? I’ll trade stash 😉 (got plenty of that coming my way)!

2 responses to “…And Chocolate

  1. Wow, Easter Eggs. They’re really getting a jump on things! And Easter is in April.

    Personally, when it comes to peppermint and chocolate, I’m a Peppermint Patty girl. Now, Cadbury Cream Eggs (that look similar to a real egg) those are my weakness.

    Both DH and I prefer dark chocolate. The Dove dark chocolate pieces (the ones wrapped in foil with the little sayings inside) are our standbys, though I enjoy a Godiva dark chocolate bar every once in a while. If only Reese’s made dark chocolate peanut butter cups…

    Well, don’t worry I’m sure you could tell from above that, I don’t have to even add chocolate to the list because it automatically just jumps into the buggy… :yummy:

    Can’t wait to see your stash pics!!

  2. I am the same – which is why Joel does the shopping at the moment. He always buys chocolate but it’s his chocolate (DARK) which I don’t like as much as good old milk choc. I’ll sneak some of his but not loads.