Stick A Fork In Me, I’m Done


There is a seriously anticlimactic feel to this day. Partly because I finished on an easy unit and not a difficult one (brought about because I had Finn and took a leave of absence, and then did things a bit out of order). Partly because the exam was a bit… odd, in parts. Not that it was particularly difficult – I only needed about 90 minutes for the 3 hour exam. But there were obscure questions worth more marks than they should have been, and poorly worded questions where I felt it necessary to state my assumptions just in order to answer. And the lecturer came and read over my shoulder for a good five minutes, which I found terribly distracting, until I actually had to ask her to leave!

Anyway, it’s done and gone. I felt quite overwhelmed as I left. Relieved, yes, definitely, for the shedding of all the stress. A little bit sad, for the leaving behind of a big part of my life these last three years. Proud of myself, for having set my mind to do this, and having done it well. And just a pinch of “Well, what next…?” :giggle: As I said to a friend a short time after the exam – this is officially the first time since starting primary school that I have been neither employed nor studying! Not sure how I’ll adjust to that, but I’m sure it will be nice for a while.

So… in case you’re wondering… although it isn’t official until about April when I get the bit of paper (and technically, it’s not even slightly official until next week when the results are out)… I have just completed one of these:

Master of Technology (Internet and Web Computing)

(or, for less of a mouthful, an MTech(IWEB))

Whoohoo! 😆

7 responses to “Stick A Fork In Me, I’m Done

  1. WooHoo! Congratulations! 😀

  2. Congratulations Melanie!!! That’s wonderful news!!! Make sure you celebrate!!! :drink: 😀

  3. P.S. I know you’re pregnant, so make sure that :drink: is a virgin one! 😆

  4. Fantastic news! Congrats on the finish…and it’ll sink in as you realize you have just a bit more “spare” time now :giggle:

  5. Congratulations on getting a few more letters to your name! Relax and enjoy your time!

  6. Congratulations! Hrm, I’d love to get a Masters in that. I never completed my Masters in Computer Science and since then I became much more interested in web stuffs than if some abstract algorithm is NP-complete.Too bad my old uni hasn’t updated their cs curriculum much or else I’d go back.

  7. WOOT! You go girl! That’s a great degree you have now! Will you take a picture of the paper when it’s official? Or post a photo of you in cap and gown? 🙂