Thank You

I didn’t get around to this yesterday, because I was so full of ‘I’ve finished’, and also so very, very tired (I did stitch for a couple of hours before bed though, which was nice). But I needed to say a big, big thankyou to everyone who’s been around for me lately. Whether you left one of the many lovely comments on my blog, or whether you ezInbox’ed me, or emailed me, or whether you were my Mum or FIL or OtherHalf, who have looked after Finn while I gallivanted off to school, I appreciate every single good word and good thought and good deed that has come my way.

I’ve done so much thinking, thinking, thinking over the last week, and not just about secure servers and firewall architecture, either. I need to switch my brain off for a little while, I think! I’m looking forward to stitching a square for Laura’s quilt when my charts get here. I’m looking forward to spoiling my Secret Stitcher ‘victim’, and taking part in a few stitching exchanges. I’m looking forward to reading a book or three. But beyond that, my brain will be asleep… so don’t ask me any tricky questions for awhile, OK?

2 responses to “Thank You

  1. Ohhhh, and here I was about to ask you to explain the basis of quantum physics to me!! Darn it. I’ll just have to settle for easy questions for the time being. 😆

  2. Maybe Valerie could ask Finn to explain that to her. I am sure by now he has a pretend Masters and can work it out on his pretend laptop. You know – the one with the pretend batteries, the pretend clicky buttons, and the pretend off switch on the side that looks remarkably like a celco fold back clip?:roll: