Cancel Those Chocolate Eggs

Right now I could go a glass of good red wine or three, but cancel that too 🙁 I’ve just had a crappy phone call to top off a pretty blah week. I have gestational diabetes. Just fricking fabulous!

Sorry. I know it’s not the end of the world, but it’s just one more thing to add to my list of ‘why-I-wish-this-pregnancy-was-over-already’. And three weeks before the annual chocolate-orgy that is Easter… that’s just cruel and unusual punishment, wouldn’t you say?!

6 responses to “Cancel Those Chocolate Eggs

  1. Oh, that’s just the pits! Cruel and Unusual is exactly right! June probably feels miles away right now too. ((Hug))

  2. Aww, Melanie!! That’s definitely no fun. I guess the silver lining is that it will be with you for only a while. ((Hugs))

  3. 😯 Awwww Mel….. Send all that evil chocolate over here so it doesn’t tempt you! 😛

    Serriously, though, this will pass. What about those sugar free chocolates? I’ve heard they’ve gotten a lot better on taste.

  4. Oh, ugh Melanie. I’m sorry to hear your recent diagnosis. I have several friends who have developed gestational diabetes, as well. I hope that the last trimester passes quickly for you! 🙂

  5. Oh ick! My sister just took her diabetes test Wednesday, and she knows that no news is good news. My sister’s longtime friend Kim had a girl last October, and she had GD during her pregnancy. She changed her diet to something much healthier than she was used to 😉 and was a good girl all the way until delivery. As far as I know she no longer has diabetes. I’ll try to get more information about it from Kim this weekend.

  6. I had GD with my first child (17 years ago). Seemed relevant when I started to leave a comment. lol My son was born in June and I left the hospital with my shirt tucked in because I had been such a good girl. Don’t ask if I still tucked in my shirts a year later. :shh: I went hog-wild when I could have sweets again.

    I didn’t have GD with my second son. I don’t know if they’ve ever figured out what causes it, but I hope you don’t still have to drink the yucky “orange” drink to check it every month. 17 years later I still can’t drink sunkist soda. Blech.

    I know I’m a stranger (and now realizing I’m an old stranger)…but I read the stitching blogs and feel like I know every one and just wanted you to know that when that baby gets here, it will be worth it. (mine are teenagers now…I still have to remind myself it was worth it sometimes hehe).