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  1. very cool – you had me fooled for a second!

  2. Love it Melanie! Can’t wait to see what you have stitiched. I’m right down to the deadline on the 8 sided pillow exchange (just keep putting the finishing off).:smile:

  3. How fun! Really great job on the story…it seems real 🙂

  4. Omigod I :love: it!!!

  5. Wow I really believed it to be a real story.. You certainly had me

    Well done..


  6. LOL!! I am proud to say I actually managed to get mine out early….for the first time ever!

    I *love* the paper 😉

  7. Best gag ever! I love it. And I just had to laugh at the fact that you were having trouble finishing your own exchange. 😉

  8. That’s so cute!!! LOL! Way to go on finishing!

  9. LOL : ) TGIF, enjoy the week-end

  10. OMG I Love it!!! I have to bookmark that to use on a few people 😛

  11. That is fantastic!! I have absolutely got to try that.