Colour Sweet Colour

Heads up, Angi, Jenna, Debbi, Jinger and Tash… your pay-it-forward packages are in the mail:smile:. I hope the recipient of the particular items shown above doesn’t mind that I have appropriated their image for my new Yuku avatar :giggle: I had a lot of fun putting together five lovely packages of colour, and I hope you all enjoy them when they reach you (Tash, yours might be there by tomorrow, I’m guessing)

11 responses to “Colour Sweet Colour

  1. Those colors are beautiful! They are a lucky bunch!

  2. Those colours are gorgeous! They look good enough to eat.

  3. Woooow!! I can’t wait 🙂 But I’ll have to as I’m out of town for 10 days starting tomorrow 🙁 They look scrumptious!!

  4. Oooh lovely! The ladies will be pleased!

  5. Oooh, so excited!!! *off to stalk to mailbox*

  6. They are amazing, the recipients should be very happy.

  7. Those colors are beautiful. Nice Yuku profile btw. My Yuku profile is […] I’ll see you on The Wagon. 🙂

  8. I am VERY excited! I loved the last colors I received from you. They were so bright and vivid. I am doing a sampler with them and it is just AMAZING!

  9. I can testify to how fabulous these PIF packages are, as I just received my yesterday. Mel does a great job with her dyeing. I can’t wait to have some time (someday) to use everything that she sent. Thanks again, Mel! 😀 You’re the best! *hug*