Catching Up: Part I

Well. Our Easter break was… slightly more than we bargained for, since our car ended up in parts in my father-in-law’s front paddock for several days!

When we arrived on Thursday afternoon, we had planned to do a fairly simple strut replacement job before heading off camping. As soon as FIL got a look at the underneath of the car, it rapidly turned into a drive-shaft-rebuild-needed-asap job. One of the drive shafts turned out to be a bugger to detach, so we weren’t able to get them into the rebuild place before everything shutting down for the long weekend. Nevermind… we loaded our considerable cargo into a trailer and FIL’s car, and took off from Friday through Monday for a lovely few days of riverfront camping.

On Tuesday morning, we had the drive shafts rebuilt, then FIL and OtherHalf spent the afternoon getting the car back in working order. And here we are, back again. Chocolate-bloated and laden with half a ton (it seems) of dirty laundry, but back.

Here then, are some promised catch up pictures. First, the two pay-it-forward packages I didn’t show you earlier:

For Angi
For Debbi

Next, the final UFO that I stitched on for the round robin. This is Tracey’s Royal Holiday. It was nice to finish on another Mirabilia design:

And after:

And that, boys and girls, marks the end of so-called ‘obligation‘ stitching for me. For the time being, anyway. I joined this round robin because I knew I would go through a bit of a stitching slump while Niamh was little, and I figured this would be a good way to spur me into doing a little bit, better than nothing at all. But I have to confess, I’m not sad to see then end of it. I was growing a bit resentful of the time spent stitching on other people’s work (though I will no doubt feel differently once my own UFO gets home, and I see first-hand how much has been worked on it). Each time as the deadline approached, I felt pressured to stitch, even though I didn’t necessarily feel like doing so. I have done very little other stitching for the whole year so far – I completed the Hardanger exchange, I’ve spent a couple of hours on Lilly, and just in this last week I’ve come very close to a finish on one of my smaller pieces (hopefully I’ll dance this weekend). But that’s all. So I’ve decided to opt out of any more exchanges or round robins for at least the rest of 2007. How much or how little stitching I will actually do, I can’t predict, but I just don’t want to feel the pressure of deadlines for a little while.

5 responses to “Catching Up: Part I

  1. Sounds like a fine Easter Weekend (car repairs not withstanding!). Beautiful PIF packages – such lovely colours, I bet the ladies were thrilled!
    I’m just about ready to give up obligation stitching myself – I hate putting that kind of pressure on myself (and I’m about to go back to fulltime work again).

  2. I totally understand what you mean about obligation stitching. I don’t feel like I’ve had much time to stitch on things for myself and while I really enjoy the exchanges, I just haven’t been participating lately. Maybe once the wedding is done I’ll get back into it.

    The fabric and floss is gorgeous!

  3. I’m with you on the obligation stitching. I don’t mind doing exchanges but I now run a mile at the mention of RRs! 🙂 I have enough of my own stitching to do without adding others.

  4. Can’t blame you for not wanting to do more “obligation” stitches. I have always been hesitant to join in, because I never know what’s around the corner here in my little world and I know I would be unintentionally disappointing someone.

  5. You did a beautiful job on all of the PIF gifts that you created. I’m glad that you are done with your obligation stitching. I had to slow down on that front, myself. I’m actually still more involved than I would rather be. 🙂