Inspiration, Celebration

Well lookie here. My wee biscornus got a little spot on the Focus on Finishing blog. Thanks Karen! Glad I could provide some inspiration – I’ve been feeling a little short of that myself lately.

In order to try getting myself inspired to stitch again, I’ve been going through my stash and weeding out some of what I don’t need. I’m not fully organised yet, but I’ve been doing some ebaying and Freecycling, and in the next couple of days, I’ll post a few more things I have for sale but can’t be bothered ebaying up on the blog, so keep your eyes out.

While looking back into my archives for the details on the car story, I realised that in May this year, I missed the second anniversary of my blog’s birth. So, uh, Happy 2-years-2-months-and-a-bit Blogiversary to me! Since I missed that celebration, I’m going to celebrate the 1000th comment on this blog instead. I’m going to start putting together a little something for the person who leaves the 1000th comment on Million Stitches… but I’m not going to tell you how close we are to that milestone yet! I assure you, it’s at least a handful of posts away, and given my recent post frequency, it could take some time to get there. Or not. We shall see :giggle:

7 responses to “Inspiration, Celebration

  1. Wow – 1000 comments on your blog! That’s an exciting milestone. I haven’t been keeping track to the number of comments on mine, but it’s certainly a great accomplishment.

  2. How do you track the number of comments? Well you have a nifty blog not the generic kind so that must be it. Hope with the stash you’re selling you get to buy new stash!

  3. Very cool that your biscornus got on the focus on finishing blog.

    Well done cleaning out your stash. That is a big job and sometimes very sad to say goodbye to things.

  4. I know how you feel about not getting into the stitching for a while. I put about 10 stitches in my project the other night. I just couldn’t concentrate! One side of my brain was saying STITCH! STITCH! The other side was saying aww just go do something else…I hate when that happens.
    Please if you figure out what makes you inspired to stitch again, would you please pass along some tips on how to get that going? Thanks!

  5. Happy blog-a-versary!

  6. And very happy was I to be a recipient.

    If you want to come stitch with me whiel I am recouperating – please do – I wont be able to drive – but you’re always very welcome to come here – a good day trip 🙂 AND two foosles for Niamh to cuddle now 🙂

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