The owner of this hand turns 2 in a week. Can you believe it?!

Oh how I wish I got the focus right in this shot – she was moving so fast I took what I could. It’s an almost great photograph

Anyway. The lovely biscornu in Niamh’s hand came to me two weeks ago. It’s from Christine, and it is a simply beautiful Pay-It-Forward gift. So sorry Christine that it’s taken me so long to let you know it arrived, and that I love it. So nicely finished – be proud of yourself!


PS. I upgraded my WordPress installation and now my smilies are all blah. I just noticed this now, will work on it tomorrow!

5 responses to “Biscornu

  1. Hi Melanie. That biscornu is lovely isn’t it. I can’t believe the young ones are nearly 2 already! I’m sure I only had him last week lol.

  2. 2 years old! holy cow she is growing up too fast.

    The biscornu is lovely.

  3. That is gorgeous!

    (And no I can’t believe she is 2 :-O How fast does it go!!??)

  4. Christine did a beautiful job on the biscornu. It definitely looks like it belongs with you; has a Teresa Wentzler feel to it.

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