Letting Go

I had a whole post worked out in my head before. It seemed to work. It was kind of a metaphorical elephant-in-the-room storytelling post. About how the elephant kept taking great giant elephant craps on my head, and no one else in the room seemed to notice, only then all of a sudden they all noticed at once, and I thought great, excellent – now perhaps we can talk about the damn elephant in the room, because I sure don’t need this toxic bullshit (um, I mean elephant crap) anymore. But then, they all just didn’t mention the elephant in the room, and it was suddenly not so much the elephant I was upset with (because I can easily take a shower, yes?), but everyone else, who seem to think it’s perfectly okay for an elephant to crap all over me, so long as we don’t have to talk about it!

But then I wrote that post down, and it sounded stupid (I know, what are the odds…?!), so I didn’t post it.

Only now, I sort of did. Because I have to somehow get past this thing that is causing me undue tension. That is causing me to not want to craft or blog. That is interfering with my life on a daily basis.

I want to craft and blog and be happy again. And I’m tired of the elephant crap. So it occurs to me that even though the elephant gets what the elephant always wanted, the healthiest thing for me to do is leave the room. Right? Right.

And take that shower, dammit!

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