Two Books, Two Days

I guess I kind of got hooked into the Twilight series after all. I mean, yeah, they’re a little bit slushy-teen-romance-y, but I like a  bit of light escapism as much as the next girl!

So the weather forecast is for cold, wet and miserable this weekend in Melbourne. Great reading weather! You think I should head out and pick up the other two books?

I just checked my Books iRead on Facebook – I’ve been plugging in books this year as I read them – looks like I’ve managed 22 books so far this year – I’d say that’s one successful resolution for 2008. (Ahem… ‘more stitching’ was clearly not such a success).

Ooh, and in other (wonderful) news today – I passed my first glucose tolerance test. Whoohoo! I had to do an early one this time – at 18 weeks – on account of having had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Niamh. I was (and am still) fully expecting to have GD again – there is a fairly high probability, I’m only being realistic. But the 18 week test came back normal. Which means, although I have to repeat it at 28 weeks to see if things change, I won’t be a diabetic for Christmas! Restricted portions, no refined sugar, and four-times-daily finger pricks would not make for a terribly festive Festive Season. (Not that I’m taking this as free rein to be a sugar glutton mind you).

6 responses to “Two Books, Two Days

  1. Great news on the GD. Will make for a much happier Christmas not having to do the finger pricks 4x day.

    I should really start logging my reading on Facebook, can’t remember what I’ve read this year, yet I know I read a fair bit.

  2. Wait, it’s cold *here.* Doesn’t that mean it’s supposed to be warm where you are? :topsy: Yay for passing the glucose test! And if enough folks keep talking about it, I just might have to breakdown and read Twilight. Still holding out for now.

  3. Great news on your health – hope the rest of your pregnancy continues to go well. And I have bought Twilight, but haven’t read it yet, so I’d be curious to know what your thoughts are on it.

  4. yay for passing the test, I hate that one!

  5. I’m so glad to hear that Twilight is a gripping read. I just gave the first two books to my sister for her birthday, but I have not read them myself.

    Good news about the GTT, I sure GD would make this pregnancy feel twice as long.

  6. 22? God, I’m lucky to read five. Ta for your insight on the nudes. You know, I thought they’d just blend into the househild decor and the kids wouldn’t give them a second glance once they had a little titter – and as time goes by this does seem to be the case. I am so surprised by how much comment the kids have made. Good to have a household of open discussion, I guess.