Unblogged… 3 things.

This isn’t a meme, nor is it anywhere near the catch up I should be writing after months of sparse and crappy blogging, but forgive me. We are in the middle of a heatwave (hottest Melbourne week in 100 years or some equally scary statistical anomaly), and I have hit third trimester with a bang (I swore I would never have another summer pregnancy. Damn first-try conception!) So I thought I might pull up a half finished draft and post it as some kind of ‘getting back into it’ attempt. Perhaps February might yield more promising content?

Three (probably terribly boring) things I never blogged about:

#1. Back in September (I think), I entered a competition on this lovely lady’s blog. We had been considering a Waldorf doll for Niamh for Christmas, but ultimately decided the price was a bit much right now, and her third birthday was probably a more appropriate time anyway. Aaaaanyway,cutting an unnecessarily long story short – I won! Lovely Jeanette (whose name will no doubt be changed by her eventual recipient) is hiding out in the top of my wardrobe until Niamh’s birthday in June. I plan to make her some more clothes, if I ever find out where my crafty mojo got to.

#2. Around about the time I broke my wrist, Niamh decided she was toilet trained. Just like that! I have never been more thankful for something. She was just shy of 2-and-a-half, but it did seem like we had been waiting a while – she had been dithering for a while; the first time she used the potty (also completely of her own accord) was almost a year prior. But suddenly – it was all good. Including…. NIGHTS! Colour me stunned! Completely on her own she decided to start wearing ‘just jarmies’ (actually, more often than not, just the bottoms) to bed, and since then there have only been a handful of wet beds. We are now landed with the slightly awkward situation of dealing with a six-year old who still night wets vs a 2 year old who doesn’t.

#3. We’re having another boy! (This announcement was ‘Facebooked’, but some of you would have missed it). The oddest thing is, even though if pushed, I would have said I would prefer a boy this time around (it’s complicated!), immediately after finding out, I lamented the loss of a chance to have another girl. This pregnancy has been a bit like that – there are so many ‘lasts’, and a little bit of grieving for what will never be again. And no, there won’t be another, this is definitely the last for us – I like my car too much!

4 responses to “Unblogged… 3 things.

  1. Congrats to Niamh! My mom said I was that way. I just up and decided one day that I was done with diapers, and I was. Put on “big girl panties” one day per my own request, and I never had an accident after. I hope Finn gets his nights worked out, though the pressure of a little sister who doesn’t wet at night may actually be good for him (L having all the other kids in his class be potty trained certainly pushed him to get with it). I can’t imagine being so pregnant in that kind of heat! {{{hugs}}} Stay cool!

  2. He is certainly not the only 6 year old to wet at night. I think we are finally getting rid of the pull ups, but I am reserving my celebration until after it gets much colder and he still stays dry.

    Amelia was just like Niamh. Michaela was during the day, but at night she sleeps as deeply as her brother, hence the endless purchasing of Aldi pull ups.

    Congrats about the little man. The “last” pregnancy is a weird beast – involving mourning and celebration all wrapped up together

  3. Lovely to see you last night. Thanks for the inspiration for handmade christmas last year. Looking forward to seeing your photobooks…(no pressure). Also congrats on the bun. One of my girlfriends was grieving the possibilty her third and fourth pregnancies could have been her last. She just had her fifth and I think that’s it. They upgraded to the tarago ages ago….. See you soon 🙂

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