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I know, I know, Kirsty’s Creative Space meme is for Thursdays, but I did take this yesterday, so it counts! I just wanted to let you all know that I’m here, still alive, and even still managing a little bit of creative this’n’that. Yesterday’s space was captured while I waited in the car outside school – Niamh had bombed out in the back seat on the way back from the shops (a rare occurrence, but the nap was much needed), and Rohan decided he needed cuddling to fall asleep (a frequent occurrence, nap also much needed). So I pulled out my new ‘car project’ to work on for half an hour. I’m playing copycat and making a patchwork ball, much like Christie’s. Look – it even (unintentionally) matches his outfit!

I have retro-blogging to do – pics of Rohan from his first month – it’s been a rollercoaster, but he’s adorable enough to forgive – and a recount of (the perfect) Mothers’ Day. But since I only seem to be able to grab 5 minutes here and there (gee, wonder why!), don’t go holding your breath!

10 responses to “My Creative Space

  1. I love that you have a “car project” – so hilarious. Christie’s patchwork balls are so divine, can’t wait to see the finished product whenever the car allows.

  2. That’s great that you’re able to find some time to get some creativity into your day! Cute pic of Rohan…can’t wait to see more!

  3. He was a very good boy at dinner the other night…I was very impressed!!

  4. Your little one looks so comfortable. Can’t wait to see your progress on the ball.

  5. He looks so peaceful sleeping 🙂 Great that you are getting some sewing time in.

  6. you’re not playing copycat, mine just got finished first because you were a bit busy HAVING A BABY!!!

    such a perfect car project

  7. You’re an inspiration, crafting in the car with a wee babe. Must find myself some portable projects…

  8. What a wonderful photo.

  9. So precious, I need a “space” like that 😉

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