And The Weiners Are…

(Winners are always weiners in our household!)

Courtesy of, the winners of my SEWN giveaway are… dum ta da dummmm:

1. Simple Sewing was won by Justine (comment #35), and
2. Yeah, I made it myself was won by Sarah (comment #22)

Congratulations to you both – I’ll have your books in the mail to you just as soon as you let me know your details 🙂

Now… am off to soothe my poor throat with split pea and ham soup and take it easy for the rest of the night (I hope). We spent the weekend away with family and have brought home with us yet another random viral thing. Grrr. (No, not swine flu!)

One response to “And The Weiners Are…

  1. Dave’s just told me he caught up with a friend for lunch on Friday….who has since been diagnosed with swine flu!!!!