Hankies Your Granny Wouldn’t Use

I went Brown Owling last night. We had a bit of fun embellishing/improving store bought hankies. The Gocco was out and Pip and the Owls were printing their little hearts out, but I decided embroidery was more my style. ‘Bless you’. Short, sweet, to the point.

But then Leah and I decided on a much more Alice in Wonderland sentiment. I tried to resist. I did. But I couldn’t. Sorry :giggle:

On a related note… I am actually surprised how few people use handkerchiefs. I always have. There’s nothing nicer to blow your nose on, I think! We very rarely buy a box of tissues (sometimes if the whole family is laid up with the sneezles and wheezles). Amanda at Soulemama has a lovely idea for storing your hankies, on this post.

14 responses to “Hankies Your Granny Wouldn’t Use

  1. Oh these are gorgeous … the ‘blow me’ one gave me a good giggle!!!
    We are a hankie family here too!

  2. The girls both got hankies for their birthday’s this August – could that be because everyone in the house has been ill for the last month?
    I think so.

  3. Those are so cute! The Blow Me hankie really tickles my fancy…hee hee

  4. What a great idea, the delicate “blow me” hankie is hilarious 🙂

  5. Bless you is appropriate. Blow me is perfect!

  6. Both are too cute 🙂

    The first one reminds me of my little niece. She’s a few months shy of 2, and doesn’t have a huge vocabulary *yet*. I just spent a week with her…it didn’t matter if you coughed, sneezed, or cleared your throat…she was always there with a loud and clear “Uh oh…BLESS YOU”!

  7. They are so pretty and hankies are so versatile, they can clean your nose or be a dolls blanket or a bandage on a very serious pretend injury.

  8. I have never used a hankie in my life, I will have to now though. Your embroidery is just beautiful – as always

  9. ooh! Love the “blow me” one lol. We don’t use hankies either, but then we rarely use tissues so…

  10. how gorgeous, what beautiful work! we don’t use hankies, but don’t use tissues either. I suspect we’re veteran sniffers and the little one uses his sleeves. maybe I should do something about that…………

  11. 😆 Dob me in why dont you! I will have to make one now! Cause its just so right but wrong! 😛

  12. They are so cute. I used to use hankies all the time and then for some reason I stopped. Makes me want to hunt them out and use them again!

  13. love it!! especially with ‘blow me’ written so sweetly!!

  14. Ha Ha, love the Blow Me hanky! Very cool. I might have to steal that idea!

    You know, I never carry hankies, tho I do use them – DH always has one in his pocket.