Stash of a Different Variety

Aaaah… feeling better today. I went into the city, ostensibly to study at uni, but I got up to some retail therapy as well (forget now everything I said about saving money the other day 😆 ). Prompted by my answer to the gift certificate question on The Wagon, and encouraged by OtherHalf, I went to Lush. I bought:

  • Dreamtime ~ for tomorrow night 🙂
  • Double Bubble ~ for sometime when I feel like being… pink and glittery!
  • Black Magic ~ clary sage, geranium, ylang ylang… yum! I think I could become addicted to their massage bars yes-indeedy
  • Little Monkey ~ for Finn. He had some in his bath tonight. It turns the water a disconcerting shade of yellow 😯 but it smells great

plus I was given a sample of:

  • Demon in the Dark ~ which smells glorious (big mint fan here), and I think I’ll shower with it pre-exam tomorrow, to give me the edge 😆

But wait, there’s more. I recently (like in the last 24 hours) discovered that there’s a new Borders open in the CBD… just across the road from uni. Well, we all know where I’ll be spending my ‘study time’ now, don’t we! I popped in there – it’s a bit smaller than the other two Melbourne stores, but still a great sized book shop. I picked up

Hmmm… seems Finn scored more today than I did! Never mind. I had fun. Notice how all those books are about Wild, Energetic, Loud young children? I wonder if there’s something in that? :giggle:

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