Under 200!

199 days to go until I can buy stash again! I was going to write about this yesterday, when it was 200 days, but I decided clocking down to 199, and thereby being ‘under 200′ was more exciting.

So for my non-stitching friends… what on earth am I going on about? Well, stash is all the cross stitch supplies (charts, fabric, fibers, beads…) that we stitchers seem to accumulate, especially when we are collectors and hoarders, like me. Going ‘on the wagon’ is taking some time out from buying any more stash, for whatever reason (though some participants have small ‘exceptions’ they are allowed to purchase). The Wagon BB is a great place for support while on said wagon, as well as a great place for general and stitchy chat. Earlier this year I decided to join in the big challenge – a group of us are on the wagon for the rest of the year. It’s the ‘Queen [or King] of The Wagon’ challenge. There’s a prize pool in it for the last one standing. So, why am I on the wagon?

Reason #1: We would love to buy a house. Our available house-hunting time is severely stunted by my studies, but at least we need to be getting that deposit up as high (and our other debts as low) as possible. It’s kind of depressing watching suburban house prices drift out of our reach.

Reason #2: This is the first time since I left uni (the first time) that I’ve had no income whatsoever. Since Finn was born, I haven’t worked full time, but I have had a small amount of part-time employment up until the end of last year. I decided not to do any sessional teaching this year, my own study load promised to be difficult enough (and has lived up to that promise). While we do completely share our finances, and jointly made the decision that I would be an at-home parent, I feel I should limit my frivolous spending for now.

Reason #3: I spend when I’m stressed. And this year, I’m stressed. I needed to do this or else who knows what my stash might have grown into! Besides which, the stressors of my life leave me little time to stitch what I already have, so it’s a bit crazy adding to the pile (even though it is oh-so-satisfying getting parcels full of pretty shiny things)!

Reason #4: I’m doing it to prove that I can!

So far, I’ve managed to stay on for 110 days. All I’ve purchased in that time is a few beads and things which were officially ordered pre-wagon-challenge, and some others which I had to facilitate the purchase of, but which technically OtherHalf bought, and I’m not receiving until my birthday. All officially okayed by the powers that be at The Wagon.

But I can tell you… I’ve already started planning for January 1st. It will be a spectacular leap off the wagon when the time comes, you just wait!

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