I’m here, honest

I’ve just been taking a bit of a break from the web for a little bit, induced mainly by the fact that we’ve been all over the state in the last week (didn’t quite make it into South Australia as planned, more on that later). I have had web access on most nights, and have been checking in occasionally with my regular haunts, but I’ve felt no inclination/no time to blog or post to groups. I think it was long overdue for me to take a web-break, really.

But I got some brilliant news yesterday that I just have to share. The semester from hell is not only over, but it seems I came through with the goods despite the horror. Marks were out Friday, I finally logged on and got them yesterday – 92 for Secure E-Commerce, and 90 for Intelligent Web Systems (which means I must have aced the exam, since I was on about 82 average for the assignments). Go me!

Will be back tomorrow with an updated pic of WFS. She’s gorgeous – all stitching (except a little bit of braid and backstitching that I might do tonight) is finished, only the beads after that. I can almost taste a HD!

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