I’m Not Ignoring You

I won’t be commenting on a number of peoples blogs anymore, it seems 🙁 If you’re one of them, then I’m sorry. I am still reading, but I am not going to sign up for a Blogger account just to enable me to make comments.

I understand that you’ve switched off anonymous comments in order to block comment spam, I do. It just irritates me that Blogger require a signon for commenting. So I won’t do it.

I could add a little plug here for WordPress and its very effective default comment moderation behaviour which stops comment spam in its tracks. But of course I wouldn’t do that :giggle:

4 responses to “I’m Not Ignoring You

  1. Hi Melanie, thanks for the wordpress tip… I got 13 spam comments in one morning and the proverbial hit the fan – I have a low tolerance for spam. Some of the other ladies blogs I have been looking at has the writing recognition thing before you can submit a comment – that seems effective.
    Just also wanted to encourage you in your endeavours to keep on the stash wagon too. I’m impressed you have lasted so long! Keep it up.

  2. You can always feel free to keep commenting on my blog! 🙂

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more on the annoyance of having a blogger account just to leave some comments. I refuse! My blog is currently running Movable Type, but I am thinking of switching to WordPress. I used WordPress for a blog I built for a nonprofit that I volunteer for, and I was really impressed with it. Now if only I could find the time!

  4. I never turned off the anonymous thing on blogger… only because I won’t use bloggers comments! LOL

    Still working on a webspace provider so I can try this WordPress fun! I like hearing about your tips so I’ll know what to do!