Why I’m Grumpy Today

This is pretty much just a cut-n-paste from a post I made on The Wagon, so I’m sorry if you’ve already read it. But I’m pretty shaken by this, so forgive me if I seem preoccupied with todays events.

You remember the accident? The uninsured driver? Well…

…it now transpires that the girl who hit me is claiming she was not at fault, and requesting I PAY FOR HER REPAIRS!!!! I am speechless and in shock. What is more, she is blatantly lying with regards to the existence of an independent witness. I saw her leave the scene at the same time as I did, and travel quite some distance along the same road I did (in fact, I thought she was going to hit me again at one point). She didn’t get a witness at the time we were at the scene (I now wish I had thought to do so, or call the police, but she seemed to admit she was at fault at the time, so I trusted she would do the same later – like, say, I would, because I’m an honest kinda person). I really find it difficult to believe she could have found anybody who witnessed the collision still in the car park if she went back later. So I think she’s lying, or someone has agreed to lie for her. And I feel like it’s my word against hers/theirs. I’m really upset about this.

My insurers, after being a bit of a pain over some missed damage, are now being somewhat helpful again, and saying they still believe me. What’s more, they will have their investigators check out the damage to her car, see how it relates to my story, and interview her ‘witness’. They say that I have done all the right things so far. But I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight anyway. She looks like the kind of person who might have big scary male relatives to send around my way, and she knows where I live! 😥

I just want this all to go away. Gonna go and have a big cry now.

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