Dread October

It’s October. I’ve been trying not to think about this month. Things will be scary this month. Not just on Halloween. And not only because of the big three-oh (and no, I’m not really worried about turning 30, I am actually a little peeved about not having the time to celebrate). What comes after is far more worrisome:

  • Big scary birthday on the 11th (dinner with friends on the 8th is the closest I’ll come to celebrating until November)
  • Big scary uni deadline on the 13th (Usability Eng)
  • Big scary uni deadline on the 15th (Web Database Apps – and group work, what’s more:ill:)
  • Big scary house settlement on the 17th(… please, please, please let all go well)
  • Moving day on the 19th (less scary, providing 17th goes smoothly)
  • Big scary uni exam on the 27th (Usability Eng)
  • Big scary uni exam on the 29th (Web Database Apps)

Bet you can’t guess what I’ve got planned for the 30th of October! (Here’s a hint: a visit to Lush shall be in order) 😆

In other news… There have been the most niggly little delays on all the house paperwork, which are driving me to distraction. Take now. Now, the loan documents are in, or on their way back from, Brisbane. Brisbane! As in: the opposite end of Australia to us. Now, this could partly be explained by the fact that our home lender of choice is in Perth… a different opposite end of Australia (bet you didn’t know we had so many ends down here!) In Perth, they might be excused for not knowing that there is a similar sounding suburb in Brisbane to the one we live in here in Melbourne. They might be excused for stuffing it up once. But not twice. No.

Oddly enough, the first time the documents actually arrived here. Incorrect suburb name, correct postcode. Eagle eye that I am (I wish now I weren’t), I spotted the error. I thought it was excrutiatingly minor (being the address we are about to vacate, not the one we’re purchasing), but that I should check with them anyway, as we are talking legal signyourlifeaway contracts here. I phoned the bank, the error was ostensibly corrected, and yes, new documents must be printed and sent out. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

After what seemed like too long, I phoned our mortgage broker to ask him to chase down the documents. It was he who shortly thereafter informed me the documents were/are in Brisbane. The error was not corrected. In fact the postcode was “corrected” to reflect erroneous Brisbane suburb. Crap.

So now, 16 days out from settlement, the documents should once again be winging their way to us. Hopefully the corrected documents this time. Or else I will scream 🙁

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