SBQ Catchup Part 1

Hoo boy… I am a little bit behind on these questions. Here goes:

How do you ‘non-hoopists’ who use a rotation system handle it (as it seems to be lot easier if you are in good terms with hoop)? Do you have several scroll frames? Do you use Q-snaps or maybe something completely different? Or do you just have one or two big projects and others are small enough to be kept in hand while stitching?

I am a very happy Q-snapper. I have all the sizes (and two sets of 11-inch, which I like the best), and they do the trick very nicely, when rapid changeover is required. I will never ever use hoops again, as I am not dedicated enough to remove stitching from the hoop regularly, and I have a few small pieces with irremovable hoop-marks on them.

I only stitch in-hand for very small pieces like ornaments, can’t seem to handle anything more than that.

Oh, and a confession – I also have multiple scroll frames! Before I discovered Q-snaps I tried to find a scroll frame system I was happy with. I love the look of scroll frames, Q-snaps are a little, well… plumber’s pipe in appearance, aren’t they?! So I have two cheapy scroll frames and also a very nice set of Lokscrolls from Artisan designs, which are great, but I can’t manage to get the tension I like, using these. So I Q-snap. Someday I will sell off the hardware I don’t want!

Here’s another:

Do you mark or hi-lite your patterns or can you follow them without any markings? Do you make copies to mark up, or do you mark originals?

Um… follow without markings? Ahahahahahahaha! Um… no. I can’t do that. I am a highlighter. I don’t like to mark the originals (I suppose I could trade them afterwards, but really, I’m just a collector, and I like my collection to be in good condition). So working copies are my thing, and whatever highlighter colour I have to hand. Once upon a time I marked up the copies with pencil, but on more than one occasion, stupidly stored the pencil-marked copy with the WIP and ended up with stubborn pencil marks on floss and fabric. So far, touch wood, I haven’t had any disastrous highlighter incidents. I think Finn knows what Mummy would do if he drew on my stitching :giggle:

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