The sound you hear is me emerging from under my mountain of notes and textbooks, to discover myself still stuck beneath mountains of boxes in the new house.

Yes, we’ve been here for 2 weeks and it looks frankly worse than it did on the day after we moved in. A lot of stuff has been unpacked, but a lot of boxes are only half unpacked, in the frantic search for this-that-or-the-other, which leaves us with M-E-S-S 🙁 I’d like to say I’ll get on top of it soon, but health-wise, things are kind of difficult at the moment. I’m feeling really good for only a few hours in each day, and I’m trying to spend those playing with Finn, lest he nominate me for world’s worst mother:giggle: (And after I accidentally opened a door in his face the other day, believe me, I’m in the running. Poor kid :ouch: ).

I did finally get my redwork exchange piece finished and off in the mail, only a day late. I’m feeling somewhat anxious about the finishing of the piece. Not what it is, but what colour it is (hint: not red). The rules didn’t say the finishing should be red, but the other finishes I’ve seen already are all red. I just didn’t find a red fabric that worked for me, and what I chose does make the redwork stitching stand out. I just hope it is well received, because I like it 🙂

Now on to doing my Christmas ornament exchange. Huge hugs to Cathy for the 2005 Just Cross Stitch Ornaments issue – I love a lot of the ornaments this year, so I’m going to try and settle on one from there to stitch.

Not much else in the works at the moment, due to the feeling-like-crap thing. Sleeping is high on my list of priorities, that’s for sure. Will try and be around a bit more often though… I’m missing blogging, and feel like I’ve dropped out of the community a little bit in the past weeks.

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