Alien Child

I was planning to show you our first pic of BabeMkII. But decided I shouldn’t, because frankly, I wouldn’t want to scare you. You might think I was planning to give birth to Alien Child!

Seriously. We got a tragic picture of Finn at the first scan, too. Why are the ultrasound techs (or in this case, the doctor) so uninterested in getting us a good picture? Sigh.

But. We saw fingers (5, on at least the hand we saw. Good sign, right?!), and a heartbeat, and what little else you can see at 11 weeks. It was all rather cute. Apart from the Alien-Child-ness of it all :giggle:

So, instead of showing you a work in progress, let me present a HD instead. Ta Da! Blackberry Jam is done, done, done. It was a lot of fun… mostly. Perhaps with the exception of all that backstitching. Which made me stall for a while, but yesterday I finally decided to buckle down and finish. So click through for the whole kaboodle, and enjoy!

4 responses to “Alien Child

  1. After clicking on the pic, I understand your lament over the backstitching, lol! But it is sooooo pretty! Dancing on my toes with you, 🙂

  2. DD looked like an alien baby in her 10 week US too. It amazed me how much she changed at her 18 week US. 🙂

  3. Blackberry jam is gorgeous, Congratulations!
    When my sister was pregnant the announced it by giving me their “new family photo”. They were so excited they emailed it to everyone too.

  4. Your Blackberry Jam is fabulous! I just love how real those little blackberries look. 🙂