Jingle Bells, Santa Smells

I have nothing against Christmas Carols, really, I don’t. Though I am otherwise unwaveringly secular, and refrain even from singing hymns on the rare occasions I am present in a church, I quite like Christmas Carols. They put a bit of pep in my step and make shopping centres at Christmas time (almost) bearable. But I do have a limit. And my limit, it has been breached.

Given that I spend an unfortunate amount of time in public restrooms, what with pregnancy and the diminutive bladder of a 3-year-old to contend with, I think I am qualified to make the statement:


Apart from that little peeve o’mine, festive goings-on have been low-key but enjoyable this year. We have A REAL TREE. Yes, a real, living tree died for our amusement this year 😛 Though I feel slightly guilty in a tree-hugger kind of way, I have to confess, I love the smell of pine in the house. We’ve gone back to breakable ornaments this year, as Finn is not particularly grabby, and understands ‘gentle’. We figure it will be back to the more durable set next year, with a 6 month old around. The unbreakables are red and gold, not my preferred colour-scheme. This year we added some purple into our blue and silver mix, and the tree looks great. There are some photos hiding out on my camera, I’ll get to posting them some time. The gift wrapping is all in purple and silver, and looks faaaabulous! My hand stitched ornaments have not yet emerged, but I had planned to prop them against cards on the mantelpiece – someday I’ll have enough to do a whole tree, but not yet.

We waited an hour in the middle of the night (almost) to see the Myer Christmas windows, because that, apparently, is what you do when you have a child. The display was, well… okay, I suppose. Some newfangled Christmas story I’ve never heard of. Finn was somewhat underwhelmed – I think the anticipation was more enjoyable than the actual event. (Like Christmas as a whole, I’ve always found!) He was much more excited the night we drove around seeking Christmas lights – the Boulevard in Ivanhoe always has wonderfully lit houses, but we found others in pockets about town. I enjoyed that a whole lot more too.

In other news, there isn’t any, really. Still tired, tired, tired, tired, tired. Not a whole lot of stitching going on, though I have made some progress on Chatelaine’s Xmas freebie mandala garden, which was begun shortly after last Christmas. Again, I will post a picture… sometime. Along with a pic of my framed WFS, which now awaits some appropriate wall-colour upon which to hang. Moving into 2nd trimester, hoping for a serious energy injection any day now…

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