Burn, Wagon, Burn!

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You know, what sustained me while I was ‘abstinent’, was photographs like these on other people’s blogs. I’m such a voyeur! Now I get to show off my own :giggle:


The fabric beneath the goodies in the first picture is 28-count ‘Babbling Brook’ hand-dyed Jobelan from Witchelt. It was a spur of the moment purchase because it was so inexpensive. I didn’t know how it would be, but was sure I could find a use for it. It turns out to be quite lovely for Mermaids of the Deep Blue (top-right in the same picture). The beads and Kreiniks in that pic are for kitting up that chart. The floss is courtesy of a lovely Floss Fairy in the States – Jane went shopping for me and bought these at 8/US$1 😆

The metal finishing form is just because I’ve been wanting to try these for a while. The zip-up mesh bag is for storing WIPs in – I love these! And all of the charts had been on my wishlist. Actually, one of the things I really liked about being on the wagon was that I had time to decide whether I really liked a chart once it went on my list. I was continually refining the list, and even when I went to order, I asked myself which charts I really wanted the most.

And yes, I did have a huge splurge to end my stay on the wagon (what with fabrics from Country Stitch and Silkweaver still to arrive). But I don’t intend to continue spending at that rate, that’s for sure. I have signed up for a monthly club (fibers and beads) from SB&B, which will help me to slowly kit up various projects which are waiting in the wings, but which is a relatively small amount of money each month. For the rest, I intend to give myself goal-based rewards – meaning specifically I’m going to try not to buy charts or fabric until such time as I actually finish something! Preferably a medium to large something (which doesn’t happen all that often, as we all know). That’s going to exclude fabric for dyeing though – I’m itching to get dyeing again, both clothing and fabric, as soon as I finish off this final unit at school.

That’s all folks. As I head off to try and catch some sleep, at 10.ish pm, it is still about 30 degrees (86F) here. Tomorrow is supposed to be 43 in the city – it’s generally a degree or two higher where we are, so don’t expect big things from me. Maybe I’ll have a half-arsed attempt at that meme Laura tagged me for?

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