Though somewhat unintentional, my harvest post yesterday came at a most appropriate time, as did the comment on my making bread. I realised later in the day that today is Lammas – or Lughnasadh – in the Southern Hemisphere. Lammas (or ‘loaf-mass’) is the first of three pagan harvest festivals, and celebrates the harvest of the grain.

So I made bread tonight. Well… actually… at the risk of tarnishing the Earth Mother image, I must confess I used the breadmaker. And at the risk of exposing how completely lacking in domestic skills I am… even my breadmaker stuffed it up! The bread turned out half-raw 😮 I really don’t know how that happened. I think perhaps our breadmaker may be on it’s last legs. So we didn’t break bread… but we did harvest more corn to have instead. And that’s a grain, right?!

My Green Man also escaped a ritual burning. I think I’ll leave him happy where he is, keeping watch over the garden 🙂

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