I’m a Silkweaver Floozy!

Ahhhhhh. Nothing quite like a Silkweaver order to put my mood back on the top shelf. I finally got to an Odds & Ends update before everything disappeared, and baby, I cleaned up on the 28-count fabrics! For the curious, here’s the list: Cashel in Misty Blue, Ice Blue, Smokey Pearl, Lilac & Vintage Country Mocha; Jobelan in Dove Gray & Twilight Blue; Lugana in Pewter, Lavender Bliss & Moss Green 😆

My stash is a bit light on fabrics, so this will provide a healthy boost. I must say though, I’m a bit sad Silkweaver are going out of the standard fabrics business. They have always had such a great range and their prices and postage are wonderful. The stash-packs and small cuts were great, I don’t see similar offerings anywhere else (though please enlighten me if there are). In my dreams there would be one fantastic ONS where I could get everything I wanted, rather than having to shop multiple locations.

Something else happened today to put a huge smile on my face. Annette sent me a simply gorgeous, snuggly baby afghan for Small. I don’t have a picture yet, but I promise to show you very soon.

We’re going away for a few days over the Easter weekend… I know, still no Floss tutorial, I’m sorry 🙁 I’ve just been super busy doing… hmmmm, not really sure. This’n’that, really! But I have been super busy doing it! Hope you all have a lovely Easter as well, and I’ll see you when I’m back 🙂

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