Well, I don’t know how many of you read the comments on yesterday’s post, but I have to say, Mum totally blew my story on the snoring 😆 I was, of course, trying to implicate OtherHalf’s genetic influence there. S’far as I know, I don’t snore, other than when I’m sick or um… under the influence. But you should hear the night-symphony that takes place whenever a bunch of OtherHalf’s male family members get together (Easter Camp, usually). It’s hilarious. And now Niamh can join in :giggle:

On another postnote, I realise now that I forgot to acknowledge the occasion yesterday – it was, in fact, Niamh’s not-birthday. D-day. The day of my scheduled c-section. I didn’t forget about it, you can be sure of that – as I was woken up at 6.45am, and realised that I was due in admissions by that time, I thanked her once more for arriving early. Funny that by today I should have a one-day old baby, but in fact I have a three-week old instead 🙂

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