Something(s) New

One of these days I’m going to have to round up all my WIPs and come clean about how many there are. Not today though! Here’s a couple of recent startsTW-Hatched
Firstly, here’s where I’m up to with You were hatched. While I love this design, I grew a little discouraged after stitching the first border corner. The particular skein of ‘Fantasy Blues‘ floss I have seems quite different from the one the model was stitched with – and I’m not convinced it goes as well as it should with the dragons’ colours. I’m thinking that when I come back to this I might frog that corner and find (or dye) a more closely matching fiber. (Sidenote: I’ve been thinking about trying to dye some silk floss, next time I get out the dyes – silk is just so delicious to stitch with)

And now this is what I’ve been working on the last week. It’s Dragonfly Jewels by the wonderful Australian designer Janie Hubble of The Cat’s Whiskers. I fell in love with this design at first glance – the colours (all Dinky Dye hand-dyed silks) simply glow. The text in the centre is my first ever over-one stitching – on 32-count linen, no less 😮 It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – now I’m not quite sure why I’ve been avoiding over-one all this time! You can see what the finished design will look like here. Isn’t it lovely?

6 responses to “Something(s) New

  1. I think the blue in the border looks quite nice with the blues in the dragon! Wonderful start on the Dragonfly Jewels design. What a unique piece!

    (Looks like Niamh is giving her mom some time to get some stitching done…that’s great!)

  2. Love the Dragonfly Jewels design! I looked at the finished piece in your link, and it’s very unusual! The blues look great from here.

  3. Beautiful stitching Melanie! I love the Cat’s whisker’s design you chose. It’s pretty original.

  4. I love Janie’s designs! Dragonfly Jewels is one that I would like to do for myself someday, though I haven’t even purchased the chart yet. I’m glad that Janie has gained some ground here in the States so that I can get my hands on her charts more easily. 🙂 You’re doing beautiful work on both pieces!

  5. I think the border is beautiful!

  6. Hi!
    Awwww………the purple piece with text…how pretty! I envy you even more…must say, even I do not know anything about you…except that you like stitching. I like it too, even my “stitching” is officially needlepointing. But it is my way and style in the world of needlework.