I’m Loving…

Being addicted to Flickr :giggle:


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I’ve been avidly reading a number of craft blogs for a while now. It’s interesting to observe that while the stitchers as a group are largely blogging on Blogger and hosting their images on Webshots or similar, many of the crafty girls (and boys?) are hanging out with Typepad and Flickr. Are they a more progressive bunch?

Anyway, the crafty blogs have been making me itch to do something more than stitching for quite some time. Because, you know, I just need a new hobby, I have waaaay too much spare time on my hands :giggle: So lately I’ve been hanging out on Flickr too. I’m loving the Pools and Groups over there, it’s an ever-inspiring place to be. The above is a little put-together of just some of the wonderful things that have grabbed my attention lately.

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