A Whole Lot of Cranky

It’s 7am. I am half dressed, have already been spit-upon twice… no, three times this morning, Niamh woke up several times again last night, and I made the mistake of weighing myself this morning. Yesterday was the day I didn’t get out of my pyjamas until 5pm. (I knew there’d eventually be one of those – one could wonder why I bothered changing at all once it got that late – I certainly do!) This ‘4-month sleep regression’, if that is what it is, is kicking my butt. Tell me, how is it fair to regress from something you were never actually any good at? I was just starting to think maybe I was doing okay, even though Niamh was mostly still getting up twice a night. I was starting to handle it. Now? Not so much.

All of that, though, is not the main cause of this morning’s irritation. This is the big one…


Buggeration, that just really ticks me off. Now I have to go and find nets or something to put over the plants. What’s really annoying is the darn bird didn’t even bother to finish the fruit – it left a manky chewed up half-a-berry still hanging off the plant. I had planned on letting Finn pick that strawberry today. Lucky I didn’t tell him about it, hey?

4 responses to “A Whole Lot of Cranky

  1. Oh, Melanie! I can certainly relate – I stopped planting lilies because as soon as it started blooming a farking squirrel or rabbit would come and chew off the flower and all I would be left with was a stem sticking out. Mother Nature can be so frustrating some times, can’t She?

    Happy birthday – I am sorry I missed it! I love the bling you picked out for yourself!

  2. Aw, poor strawberry! I bet there will be plenty more tho. Hang in there with the sleep thing – my son still doesn’t sleep through the night very often….and he’s two 🙄

  3. Shame about the strawberry, Mel. Can you imagine if you had a whole orchard to cover like the apple orchards around here. It looks weird to see whole orchards covered in mesh to keep the birds away.

    Meanwhile, I have my own issues with birds: a magpie swooped me yesterday and there’s this other noisy bird that wakes me up at 5.00am or earlier with the most awful bird “song” ever heard. Still, I think I’d rather that than a crying baby. Hope Niamh settles down soon. Sleep deprivation is the pits. Hang in there.

  4. Bad bird!!!! Bad, bad, bird! That was Finn’s berry! So sorry, I know it is disappointing to see a berry like that and have plans for it. Cute plans too. Hopefully, Finn will get the next one!