Happy 31st October

Happy Halloween, to the Northern-hemisphericans dropping by 🙂 Happy Beltane to those downunder who celebrate the old ways. And… um… Happy Tuesday to the rest of you?

In this household, it seems more like Christmas. Our tax return is through (well, half of it anyway). Usually this time of year means paying off debts – last year we paid off our car and a hefty credit card debt. Thanks in part to the baby bonus and in part to some gruelling overtime hours put in by OtherHalf, we’re reasonably okay on the debt front this year. Apart from the house, that is.

So today, we welcomed this new baby into the house. Isn’t she beautiful? Mmmm… digital SLR goodness. This is a purchase we’ve been planning to make for some time – my (film) SLR camera gave up the ghost recently, and we’ve been meaning to replace our (compact) digital camera with something better, so this is the ‘something better’ we came up with. We (OtherHalf) found a wonderful deal on the body plus two (two!) lenses and a 1GB SD memory card. Part of the attraction of the Nikon is that the remaining film SLR camera in the household is also a Nikon, and the telephoto lens we got with the D50 is fully compatible with both Nikons. Yay! Expect more beautiful photos in my future.

And with that… ‘Blogtober’ is over! I now return you to your regularly scheduled spasmodic blogging. Just kidding. I’m hoping that with my marking commitments behind me, and with Niamh starting to sleep a little better (okay, that’s wishful thinking, I admit) I’ll be stitching and crafting (and photographing finished products) a bit more frequently, so I’ll try and be here a little more as well.

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