On the Farm

I’ve been feeling kind of… isolated?… displaced?… bereft?… something, these last weeks. It’s due to a combination of things, not least the increased difficulty of getting out and about with two kiddos. But I’ve come to realise that I’m really missing where we used to live. We’ve been here ten days shy of a year, and I’ve never quite found my groove – probably because I’ve been either pregnant and exhausted, or sleep-deprived and exhausted, that entire time.

It’s not like this is an unpleasant place to live, it really isn’t. But I miss the wonderful local shops where the staff knew our faces, if not our names, the kid-friendly cafes where we could while away a sunny morning or lazy afternoon, the wonderful bookshop…

Anyway. This place just doesn’t have quite the same atmosphere and energy about it. But it is not without benefits. Yesterday, we took off to a community/educational farm not far from here and spent a few hours puttering about.

We found a shady place for our lunch…

Met some of the residents…

Explored the community vegie patches (which put great shame to ours 😳 )…

Did some of this…

And some of this…

It was very peaceful (at least until the splinter incident, which was traumatic for all involved, but Finn most of all). A very nice way to spend the first 30 degree day of the season.

4 responses to “On the Farm

  1. Melanie, I just have to say I loved your picks for the 7 songs you are into meme – I keep meaning to add shake out the sillies to my storytime programmes.

    That farm looks terrific! Finn is looking so grown up. Love the pic with the guinea pig. We have a similar picture of my sister lucy with a gp from when she was 3 but she is bawling, I think it moved suddenly and gave her a fright.

    Happy Blogtober.

  2. Gorgeous pics, Mel. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. That looks like a really fun day!! I wish we still had warmer weather…well, today was 20C but the weekend is going to be somewhere around 10-12C. Fall is definitely here!

  4. Mel, your children are absolutely gorgeous!
    :love: Tash