The Big List

Finally, finally, I’ve got around to visiting all my WIPs, and writing out ‘the list’. It isn’t as bad as it could be, what with my decision to go guilt-free. (Most of the new starts I’ve had since then have been small projects that I finished off.) The list is still longer than I’m comfortable with though, so soon I’m going to have to have a go at a rotation again to whittle it down a bit. Here’s the list, roughly in order of oldest to newest, and with approximate progress on each:

  1. Mirabilia – Winter Queen (1998)
  2. Rajmahal – Brilliant Wind (not cross stitch – this is surface embroidery and gold work) (2003) 30%
  3. Vermillion Stitchery – International Bears ‘Kaitlin’ 95% (2003)
  4. Dimensions – Noah’s Journey (Nov, 2003) 20%
  5. Patricia Allison – Seasonal Dragons ‘Spring’ (Dec, 2003) 65%
  6. Teresa Wentzler – The Storyteller (Apr, 2004) 25%
  7. Dimples Designs – Wee Beasties Part 6 (Sep, 2004) 15%
  8. Chatelaine – Christmas Tree Mandala (Jan, 2005) 70%
  9. Chatelaine – The Knotgarden (Feb, 2005) 5%
  10. Mirabilia – The Petal Fairy 35%(Dec, 2005)
  11. Mirabilia – Lilly of the Woods 15% (Mar, 2006)
  12. Mirabilia – Mermaids of the Deep Blue 20% (Apr, 2006)
  13. Periwinkle Promises – November Sampler Accent 20% (May, 2006)
  14. The Cat’s Whiskers – Dragonfly Jewels 35% (July, 2006)
  15. Mirabilia – Bumblebee 80%(August, 2006)

(I’ve learned that I’m absolutely hopeless at estimating % progress, so some of these are probably terribly inaccurate, but it gives you an idea.)

The list is interesting – I think it shows a good cross-section of my stitching taste. Five out of the fifteen are Mirabilia designs, and four out of fifteen are insect designs (three of those are dragonflies). Of course there are also a couple of dragons in there – there would probably be more if most of the dragon charts I have weren’t so huge.

I’d like to get back down to under 10 projects. I’ll be binning Winter Queen (remember), so that’s 14. Kaitlin is only missing some backstitching (I actually thought she was finished, it was a bit of a surprise to dig her up and find she wasn’t) so I’ll finish her off today or tomorrow, that gives me 13. Then, starting November, I’m planning to pick three projects and rotate them whenever I’m not working on the UFO Round Robin. I won’t start rotating in October as I still have a round of student marking to go (and the less said about that, the better :yuk: ), and also I imagine it’s going to take me until the mailing deadline to finish up 20 hours on Claire’s UFO.

The first three projects I’ll rotate? Hmmm… not sure. My first thoughts are probably ‘the small ones‘! Bumblebee, certainly. Probably the Periwinkle Promises kit, as it’s something a bit different. And maybe something bigger – maybe MOTDB, which is my favourite of the Miras I currently have on the go. Or perhaps I should choose something older? What do you think?

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