UFO Round Robin Part II

Here’s the stitching I’ve managed since you last saw me. I put about fifteen hours into Juli’s UFO before sending it on its merry way. Unfortunately, I neglected to get a ‘before’ shot, and Claire’s website seems to have disappeared, so I can’t point you to her picture. You’ll just have to believe me 🙂 I stitched all of the tree (brown) you see here. Just tree. Treetreetreetreetreetree. Bo-oring, lemme tell you, but hey, I didn’t have to pull out too many colours of floss or learn too many symbols, so it was the perfect no-brain stitching for me. Plus, it advances the project (which will eventually look like this), and someone else will thank me that they don’t have to do that slab of tree!


3 responses to “UFO Round Robin Part II

  1. Wow, that is a big chunk of tree that you did! I’m sure you are right; others will be glad that you tackled that portion. 🙂 Well done!

  2. Pretty stitching.

    Good luck with the baby sleeping thing. Our first slept through the night at 6 weeks of age, then stopped for a month at 9 months and we did the controlled comforting thing which got him back on track.

    The second and third children didn’t sleep through the night until they were three. Sigh.