Show & Tell

Far overdue, may I show you in full the hardanger exchange which I stitched for Jenny. You can see it hanging on the wall in her post – here’s a slightly different angle for interest:
Hardanger Exchange

Or, you can get up close and personal with the stitching here. Although I thought finishing it as a ‘wall ornament’ was kind of uninspired (hey, I was really tired!), I was really happy with the quality of my finishing. I have a bag (or, um, three) of finished-but-not-finished projects which I’d really like to start making a dent in – Anne and Karen have started up the Focus on Finishing blog, have you seen it? That should provide me with some inspiration.

The reason I’ve taken so long to post this is because my ‘spare’ time (insert maniacal laugh here) has been taken up with Suz’s UFO for the Round Robin. She sent around Black Swan’s Lily Pond Dreams. Confetti stitching ahoy! It kicked my butt, and once again I didn’t achieve as much as I would have liked. Here are the before ‘n’ afters, clickable for biggering.

And, just in case you aren’t all pictured out, here are pics of the three pay-it-forward packages that I know have arrived. (Should check up on the other two – Angi, Debbi, are yours there yet?). I dyed a fat 1/8 of linen or evenweave, and some stranded cotton (plus a perle for Jenna) for each person in their colour preferences. So far, so good, everyone seems to like these:

For Jenna
For Tash
For Jinger

Phew! I think that’s about it.

15 responses to “Show & Tell

  1. Wow! Your hardanger piece is stunning 🙂

    All of the hand-dyed fabrics are so pretty as well!

  2. Your dyeing is looking sensational Mel – what a talent!

    The hardanger piece is lovely too – must get myself nsipping again too 🙂 Perhaps when An Open Heart is done eh?


  3. Oh wow, I love the hardanger piece! It’s gorgeous!

    Fantastic PIF gifts, too. You’ve got quite a talent with dyeing!

  4. Congratulations on all your stitching progresses. And wow, those PIF’s are great!

  5. Beautiful hardanger and your PIFs are definitely to drool over!

  6. Wow, your hardanger piece is stunning! Congrats

  7. Stunning! Everything is just stunning. I love your dye work.

  8. Your hand dyeing is amazing. Love the hardanger too.

  9. Beautiful work on the Hardanger Mel!! Just lovely.
    The PIF’s all look gorgous! you have a real talent there.

  10. I *love* your hand dyeds – they are just gorgeous. Your hardanger is so beautiful as well.

  11. Mel,
    I am horrible person when it comes to getting back with people. Totally not intended though because your beautiful pressie arrived and i totally LOVE it. I blogged about it and took pictures which don’t do it justice. My DH laughs, but i am seriously going to frame it. I can’t use it because nothing i would stitch would do such beautiful things justice. Again thank you, i am so fortunate to have received such beauty from you!

  12. You have good reason to be proud of your finishing skills; that looks awesome! And I think you made good headway on the UFO project. But the main reason I’m commenting is to say: wow, are your PIF recipients lucky! Hand-dyed fibers and fabrics — that’s the first time I’ve run across that idea as a PIF, and I think it’s a fantastic idea (definitely not one that would have occurred to me, that’s for sure). Plus, your dyed items came out wonderfully. The red threads are GORGEOUS!!!

  13. Hi Mel

    I’ve tried to comment on your blog so many times but my computer just crashes at your site (elderly Mac I’m afraid). Thanks for all the comments you’ve been leaving at Pea Soup. Have you twigged yet that it was me who contacted you via freecycle and picked up the wooden dishrack?

    I didn’t realise you were a blogger until after the event when I recognised your email address from your blog name.

    (Love that hardinger work).

  14. … that would be hardAnger.


  15. Wow, your hardanger exchange is absolutely stunning – your stitching and finishing is perfection itself! 😀 And your PIF gifties are gorgeous – you definitely do have a wonderful talent for dyeing! 😀