Hardanger-y Goodness

With good intentions, I sat down after my last finish to work on an existing WIP – the Wee Beasties dragonfly. I think I managed about three hours or so before I gave in to the temptation to start something new instead :giggle: To be honest, that dragonfly is not fun stitching. It’s full of finicky little fractional stitches and lots of blending filament. I need more concentration to work on it than I usually have in the evening after the kiddos are asleep, so it’s slow going at the moment.

So, I started, and then finished, Teenie Hardanger I by The Sweetheart Tree, instead. Pretty, no? The chart for this was a gift from my Secret Stitcher last year, Allie. She sent me II and III as well (among other wonderful things).


I’m much happier with my cutting this time. Well. Except for that one bit. That bit where I snipped one thread too many. Whoops! I ended up having to reweave a piece of linen so that I could do the woven bar properly. But all’s well that ends well, hey?

Hardanger-y goodness part two is this:

Haze stitched me this lovely candle wrap and mat for the Hardanger exchange on the Rotation BB. It’s taken a little while to arrive, it’s been on a bit of a world cruise, actually 🙂 Thanks Haze, I love it!

9 responses to “Hardanger-y Goodness

  1. I *love* the candle wrap – it’s gorgeous! And your Sweetheart tree ornament turned out really well.

  2. Great job on your ST piece! It’s really pretty, as is the candle wrap!

  3. Oh wow – these are both lovely pieces. I really like seeing the on wrapped around the candle. Very impressive.

  4. They are both very pretty! I love the little Sweetheart Tree piece!

  5. Wow, just beautiful Melanie!!

  6. Your Sweetheart Tree finish is glorious (love those teenie tweenies) … and the candle wrap and mat is stunning! Lovely visual candy 😀

  7. Great job on your Sweetheart Tree piece. Do you have the other two hardanger Teeny Tweenies, too? Your hardanger looks perfect. I’ve cut one thread too many before in a wrapped section. I didn’t bother fixing it though. I just did the weaving as I usually do, but a little looser on the side missing the thread. I don’t think I had pulled the thread, though, so it was still there to add some bulk. So, fantastic work on fixing it! That’s tough.

    Haze’s candle wrap and mat are beautiful, too. Do you know who the designer/what the design is?

  8. Whoops, should have paid more attention to where you said Allie sent you all 3 charts, eh? 😉

  9. linda douglas

    Hey Melanie, I just love this blog. I’m not into blogs but was searching hardanger and up you came. talkabout the babies got me in!!! I adore the photos of baby Niamh. Reminds me of my Phoebe and Leo when they were babies. You must be using a pretty good digita -the photos are greatl! your cross stitch is beautifully done and congratulations to managing to STITCH with the ‘gremlins’ about! I have a few more projects being published by Express Publications in patchwork and Quilting, and other mags, by Express in the next few months! Take a look at them. While I do patchwork, I am also into bookbinding( president of the Bookbinders’ guild in Qld), paper crafts and fibre in all its forms. have a great month of July. Linda x