Tranquil Sky

I’m finding myself struggling with the idea of blogging lately. So pictures, not words, today. A finish from Amaryllis Artworks – Tranquil Sky.

I like it, it’s pretty, but… 164 frelling eyelets? What was I thinking?!

Funny that I would stitch something ‘tranquil’, when I’ve been feeling anything but.

Niamh’s birthday on Sunday. Will report back with photos, hopefully.

15 responses to “Tranquil Sky

  1. Beautiful work! I hope Niahm’s birthday is wonderful, I haven’t forgotten about your package, I’m waiting on something to arrive here before I send it off.

  2. That is beautiful, Melanie!!! The 164 eyelets were totally worth it!!

    Early birthday wishes to Niamh…she shares her birthday with my DF!!

  3. That is stunning! I couldn’t imagine stitching that many eyelets 😉

  4. O, Melanie, fantastic work! Absolutely stunning. Happy birthday to Niamh!

  5. Beautiful stitching – well done with the eyelets! I’m struggling with eyelets myself at the moment (and smyrna crosses) they make stitching so slow! 😉

  6. That is so gorgeous!

  7. That is so pretty! Well worth all those eyelets.

    I can’t believe Niamh is one already! How fast has that gone? Niamh, happy birthday for Sunday honey, enjoy your very first birthday ((((hugs))))

  8. Wow – that is VERY pretty – any chance you want to trade for the chart? I LOVE eyelets 🙂

    A big happy birthday hug for Niamh too 🙂

  9. That is beautiful!

  10. This is so stunning and delicate. Happy Birthday to your little one!

  11. Lovely work!..I just discovered your blog…beautiful photos…and love the name of your daughter too!

  12. Wow, it’s gorgeous, but that many eyelets is far from tranquility. LOL. Belated happy birthday wishes to Niamh. I can’t wait to see some pics. 😉

  13. Tranquil Sky is stunning! I have that deep down in my stash somewhere…. now I want to go dig for that gold!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  14. Absolutely stunning but I don’t envy you all those eyelets.

  15. What a stunning finish – well worth the effort of those eyelets.