Later That Month…

The Blogger’s block continues. But I have been stitching. A few secret things – more on those later. And, surprise, surprise, I dragged something out from beneath the mountain of unfinished-finished-things:

I stitched this Teresa Wentzler freebie bookmark back in 2004. Finally, I actually made it into a bookmark! And used it, what’s more:

I used this stuff to fuse the fabric together:

I don’t know how kosher that is with regards to longevity of the stitching, but watch me not care. Also not caring about the lumpy seam up the back of the bookmark. The front looks good, and it does what it should, and that’s all that matters 🙂

Also in the interim since my last post, I spent a lovely afternoon meeting some fellow Melburnian stitchers – Junette, Anne and I descended on Tannia’s house where she plied us with food and wine, and we whiled a few hours away chatting and getting in some quality kitty time. Niamh came along, and made short work of befriending all and sundry, except perhaps Banjo, who remained unconvinced. It was lovely, and I hope we do it again sooner rather than later.

Then, we spent this weekend just past away for a couple of days with Dermot’s (large) family. Annually, on the weekend following Queen’s Birthday, we hire a school-camp facility (dorm rooms, communal showers and kitchen – you know the kind of thing) and spend two days eating, drinking and being generally merry, all in celebration of his grandmother’s birthday. She was 87 this year, and we all had a wonderful weekend. Here’s to many more like it 😆

9 responses to “Later That Month…

  1. Congrats on the bookmark AND actually using it! Well done y ou.

    I hope we can get together soon too! Always fun!


  2. Hey, I’ve stitched that same bookmark design!

    Yeah, it’s not an actual bookmark yet. But yours looks great!!

  3. Bookmark looks great. Congratulations on finishing it. The HeatNBond is a great idea.

  4. Looks beautiful Melanie!! Congratulations!

  5. “watch me not care” ROFL!!! Thanks for the giggles.

    That’s what I had to finally tell myself about my needlecase.

    The bookmark is lovely. I added some hand-dyed flosses to my stash during vacation this summer, and have been thinking about what to use them for. I just might have to make a bookmark 🙂

  6. Hey, that’s cool! I finally finished a bookmark and put it to use, too. Feels good, doesn’t it? I’m so jealous that you got to meet Anne in person! (Sorry, Tannia and Junette, I’m sure that you are lovely, too; I just don’t know you. LOL). And that she got to meet you and Niamh. I once planned on moving to Australia, but I think that my mother would kill me. 😉

  7. Yay on the bookmark! And I don’t care about an amazing amount of my finishing (for myself anyway)

  8. A finish you can use – well done!!!
    Your family get together sounds awesome – how many family members are we talking?

  9. Your bookmark turned out great, glad you had some great get togethers – family and stitchers