Moving Right Along

Thank you all for your warm words of support and advice re. my last post. Virtual hugs are almost as therapeutic as the real thing 🙂 I have had a generally good week since. On the weekend, we got away for a couple of days, and the distraction of a grandfather and two uncles provided the kiddos some amusement while I managed to nap. Both days! And stitch! It was nice to break that particular 3-week drought.

The week since has been fairly uneventful, at least until today. It’s the second week of school holidays here at the moment, so no pre-school for Finn, but we’ve had some extra swimming lessons, trips to the library, trips to the park, and lots of mess-making (erm, and DVD watching) at home to keep us happy. Today I thought ‘hey, let’s venture further afield. Let’s have a day-trip to the Museum’.

I should’ve stuck with the DVDs. Not terribly far from home, we were rear-ended by Mr-Impatient-Guy. Dammit. Now the car needs repairing, and I suffered that lovely post adrenaline-surge hangover all day (we didn’t go to the Museum, btw. Finn was cool about it, particularly since he got to ride his bike down to the nearest playground instead). Let’s hope this vehicular incident doesn’t turn out like the last one two.

Okay. Moving on, and filling your screens with something far more interesting than my weepfest. These three wee little biscornu ornament/fobs (is biscornu the plural as well as the singular? Or is it something funky like biscornii?!) were finally sent out to their new homes, weeks after finishing them, so now I can show-and-tell:


These were to be ‘GTG gifts’ for Tannia, Anne and Junette, only I decided less than 48 hours before we met up that I wanted to make something, and so naturally, they weren’t finished in time. (Actually, the stitching was, but the finishing was not.) The fibres are all dyed by me. The designs are freebies from My Aunt’s Attic. Have you seen this project? A box of old hand drawn charts has been recovered in an attic, designer unknown, and this lovely lady is making them available for free. Many of the designs are quite lovely. My favourite (yet to be stitched) is the Butterflies chart in this post.

Oh, and yes, one of the biscornu/ii is slightly crooked. My advice? Don’t try making biscornu/ii with sides which are an odd number of stitches. You have to compensate at each corner, and while two of them worked out, for some reason I messed up that middle one slightly, and couldn’t make it come good (sorry Junette).

Question… do these three count as one finish, or three, for my 12-finishes-this-year goal, d’you think?

12 responses to “Moving Right Along

  1. Gorgeous. And definitely 3 finishes.

  2. I think they count for 3 finishes!! They all turned out beautifully. Thanks for posting the link to the butterfly chart. I’ve seen that website before but I haven’t looked at it too closely.

    Sorry to hear you got rear-ended and I hope the car repairs go as smoothly as possible. I’ve been rear-ended twice and it’s not fun! I’m glad none of you were hurt.

  3. They looks awesome! Congrats! They’re so sweet.

    And sorry to hear that you’ve been rear-ended. Glad that there was only car damage, and nothing more serious.

  4. Definitely 3 finishes 🙂 My story adn stickign to it! Thanks again for the sweet gifty – I love it 🙂

    Cars – cant’ live with them – can’t live without them…

  5. I agree, definitely three finishes.

    Sorry to hear about your car woes. Thank goodness you’re all okay.

    I love my fob/ornie/whatever and it is still sitting in front of me till decide what to do with it, eg, hang it permanently somewhere, stick it with the Christmas stuff, etc. Every now and then I pick it up, admire the neat stitching and marvel at the cording and the tassel. They are so exquisitely done. Ever thought about giving lessons? I think I need some. 🙂

  6. Your three biscornu are gorgeous! If I make one with an odd number of stitches, I usually stitch the centre 2 backstitches on each side over 3 threads instead of 2. You can’t tell and it absorbs the extra stitch nicely.

    Sorry you were rear-ended too – what a pain!

  7. I’d count them as three for sure! Beautiful work Melanie – just gorgeous.

  8. Wow those Biscourni are beautiful!!!

  9. Stitching looks great. Good luck with the car, I hope the repairs are not as drama filled as last time.

  10. Thank you for the link, what a treasure that website is. I think those count as three finishes! Sorry about your car accident. Thankfully no one was hurt and I hope the repairs go better than before.

  11. Hi Mel – ‘commenting’ again hoping you’re feeling brighter!


  12. Gorgeous finishes, and definately 3 finishes. Sorry to hear of your car troubles, how frustrating.