Closure At Last

I would like to promise that this will be the last of the ‘Car’ posts for a while, but I just know that if I do that now, in two days a meteorite will fall from the sky onto the roof of my car! So I won’t!

Anyway. What happened next was this. I got the car back on Wednesday evening. In the dark, so I couldn’t check it. In the morning I checked the bumper. It was… fine. Not 100-percent-perfect-no-damage-here-ever, but fine. I was then out for much of the day (Finn and I went to the Melbourne Aquarium with Kinder. Lots of fun 🙂 ), but later, by chance, I happened to notice a section of the boot lid which appeared to have caught a good sized patch of overspray from the bumper. Grrr, arrgh. Cue much teeth grinding, ranting, raving, stomping of feet.

I figured from the look of it that it would be a simple cut-and-polish job to get it off (the patch clearly hadn’t been sealed and baked). But rather than try doing it myself making Dermot do it and then finding out that there was a bigger problem, I felt I should phone RepairGuy#3 directly and give him a chance (why oh why?!) to fix this latest error without going through all that song-and-dance again.

Oh what a nasty piece of work he is. Without even seeing what I was talking about, he adamantly denied wrongdoing, swore blue that any mark on the boot had been there previously, and treated me like a complete moron, basically. Bastard. The upshot of it was, he told me if I had problems, it was someone else’s job, and I should go back through the insurer.

So then. After a minor breakdown, and after much hoop-jumping and re-telling of the story on the phone to ‘head office’ (who were completely clueless), I finally managed to speak with Assessor #1 in the local branch. Who remembered the issue immediately. Who was very sympathetic when I just about lost it on the phone, and who let me come down straightaway to show him the problem. He agreed that the patch was most certainly not pre-existing, and then proceeded to cut-and-polish it off himself. I could have hugged him at this point! He also agreed that RG#3 can be ‘very blunt’ and ‘intimidating’ (his words, not mine), and promised to give him a piece of his mind. Personally I’d rather hear that the insurer strike him off the ‘preferred repairers’ list. I can only assume they choose their repairers by price, as it certainly isn’t by customer service or quality of work.

Anyway. That’s the end. Let us never speak of it again.

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