Because I am a Dork

I recently acquired a new mobile phone. With inbuilt camera. Big whoop, I know a lot of you are thinking, but this is exciting stuff, trust me!

Yesterday, I had a sudden need to document an impending and very much anticipated family event, and thanks to my happy little SonyEricsson, you too can now share in the dorkiness that is…

The Rollover™!


The Money Shot
(Why yes, I was driving and camera-ing at the same time. But shhhhh, don’t tell!)


We had this theory that when the car hit 200000 (that’s km, not miles, btw!), it would fall apart, quite literally. It would stop dead and panels would drop off in the middle of the road and the engine just might explode. And Oh, wouldn’t all that be very funny, haha. Except that, as I approached the magic number, I suddenly realised that at the time, I was going to be very close to, or indeed possibly in the Kew Junction intersection. At Peak Hour. I think funny-haha just left the building. Local readers may know of what I speak. I took a deep breath, eased through the intersection, and we reached rollover just past the Junction, whew. And hey, look, the car didn’t fall apart either. Bonus 🙂

For extra nerd points, here’s the two palindrome photos I took:



Now, wasn’t all that worth getting the new phone for?

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