Wow. We just had our first trick-or-treaters… as in, ever! I’ve seen the Halloween-y accoutrements stealthily making their way into supermarkets and craft stores in the last few years, but this is a first for us.

I’m not anti-Halloween per se. I do despair the ‘Americanisation’ of Australia in general (uh… no offence meant to the majority of you guys 🙂 ), and hey, if we’re going to celebrate a pagan harvest festival, then we could at the very least do it at the right time of year (ie 6 months from now, for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere). But really, any event that involves costumes and copious amounts of sugar has my vote :giggle: That said… I just wish the kids who arrived at our door could have gone to a little bit more trouble than black tracksuits and plastic supermarket bags, know what I mean? One had on a ‘scary’ mask, another had on a green wig, but apart from that, I was seriously underwhelmed by the completely crappy ‘costumes’. (We’re talking about young teenagers, btw, not eight-year-olds).

Oh well. Luckily we had ‘treats’ on hand, what with having been to the Bendigo Show at the weekend, so I didn’t let them go empty-handed. But if Halloween is going to make its way into the Australian calendar, I hope we see a little bit more ingenuity next time.

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