Sick of Bibs Yet?

The examination of a freesia she picked moments earlier from our front lawn. (Yes, lawn – they’ve gone wild, can’t get rid of them… thinking of just strewing more seed around so that it looks purposeful!)

This is my favourite of the bibs I’ve made for Niamh – the Spotlight lady astutely observed ‘you must be a green person’. Well, yes, yes I am. I love this little apple print, I should go back and buy more for a summer dress. There was rotary cutting and piecing involved with this bib… d’you think I’m getting ever more closer to that ‘quilt within’?

Before I made the sewing machine give up its place at the kitchen table (having no permanent sewing spot is a bit of a bummer), I made a half dozen more bibs – a couple for a friend of ours and more for Niamh. She came out yesterday morning to discover the pile, and was most distraught when she couldn’t wear one immediately – I hadn’t hammered in the press studs the night previously for fear of waking the kids. Life couldn’t continue until I banged in a press stud and popped it on her – I think we had six changes of bib yesterday, the little fashion fiend!

5 responses to “Sick of Bibs Yet?

  1. Oh my goodness, she is getting so big! It really doesn’t seem like all that much time has passed since she was just a wee bundle 🙂

    I love her expression as she examines the blossom. lol! The curiosity of little ones is boundless. I say “go for it” and sprinkle more seeds. You can have a wildflower meadow then. *grin*

    My littlest wasn’t too interested in bib-wearing, but I had to move my kitchen linens out of the convenient drawer and put them up high in a cupboard because he would empty the drawer every single time he found anything in it. Now that he’s almost 3, the drawer isn’t so fascinating, and I’ve been able to put my hot mitts and towels and such back in the drawer.

  2. Aww, she has grown so much! So much more the little girl rather than baby now isn’t she. I love how she’s examining that flower.

    I have to agree that the bib she’s wearing is lovely. That fabric would most definitely be perfect for a little sundress and matching hat.

  3. What a gorgeous bib and an even more gorgeous model!

    That is beautiful. A little matching sundress would be fabulous.

  4. See you’re lucky you get to make pretty bibs. Genoa won’t even WEAR one at all. She’s hated them from the day she was born.

    PS – Thanks for delurking! I can’t believe you read all the way from Australia!

  5. Awwwww, what a gorgeous photo! Niamh is sooooo cute (and for me to give a compliment to a kid, that’s MAJOR stuff, just ask my Mum! LOL).