Yes, it’s true. I’m another year older and another year wider wiser. Happy Birthday to me 😆

For my inner-hippie, Dermot and the kids gave me a permaculture book. For my inner-geek, a GPS navigator (also from Mum and Stepdad). Actually, perhaps that’s for my inner-hippie as well. To, you know… “find myself”!

Anyone who knows me knows I have the World’s Worst sense of direction. Absolutely shocking. Thankfully I married an excellent navigator, but now, when he’s not available, a lovely man named Tim is going to tell me exactly where to go :giggle: Hooray for birthdays. Now, can someone tell me exactly when I am going to feel like a grown-up?

9 responses to “Thirty-two

  1. Happy Birthday, Mel!!!!!!!

    Magnificent gifts too!

    Dunno the answer to your ending question. Don’t wanna either. LOL!

  2. I believe it’s somewhere in your 60’s. I’ll let you know when I get there.

  3. What great pressies and a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

    I think you mum is wrong actually. Feeling like an adult starts at about midnight on your 18th birthday and finishes 30 seconds later. Don’t tell me you missed it???

  4. Happy Birthday Mel. Don’t know the answer to you question either. You got some great gifts, now no one can tell you to “get lost”, LOL because you have the perfect toy (ooops I mean tool, tool)

  5. Happy Birthday Mel!
    I also wanted to let you know that the VERY late parcel I promised you will be shipped shortly – I PROMISE!

  6. Happy Birthday!

    I hope you have fun with the GPS. My father brough his out when he came to visit, and I’ll have to admit it was very useful. We had fun playing with it and changing the different voices that said the directions out loud.

  7. Happy Birthday Mel.

    GPS looks very cool.

  8. Hmmm… I still feel WAY younger than I really am so I don’t know about that, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I won’t mention that I had to Google “permaculture” LOL

  9. Happy late Birthday to you! Thanks for reminding me…I have to call my dad…it’s his birthday today! (10/14)
    Cool gifts!!!