You Make Me Smile

Whoops. I have had this post in the works since Gill generously gave me a ‘You make me smile’ award. Then when I got back from the weekend (miserable with hayfever induced sinus pain), I found Missy and J Rae also bestowing awards on me. Hmmm… maybe everyone has just run out of bloggers to award?

Hey, I hope this doesn’t mean I have to give out thirty awards now? Not that I couldn’t, just that I’m lazy :giggle: So here are my picks – in no particular order, ten bloggers who make me smile:

You Make Me Smile

Suse from Pea Soup
Pip from Meet me at Mikes
Christine, in her Material World
Hillary from Wee Wonderfuls
Erin the Expounding Movie Muse
Jenna the Shooting Star
Sooz and her Big Adventure
Marita of Stuff with Thing
Karen Cheng with her Snippets of Life
Amanda Soule, Soulemama

Go – enjoy their blogs. They’ll make you smile too 😉 (And if I left you out, please don’t feel bad, you make me smile too 😎 )

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