As I confessed on Christine’s blog recently… when I set goals for myself (particularly publicly), inevitably, I succumb to some kind of weird reverse-psychology thing. Suddenly, whatever it is I have decided I should do, is the last thing I actually feel like doing. And so it was with the TW October stitchalong. I managed to scrape in a mere 7 hours of stitching for the whole month of October. Thankfully, that 7 hours was all on Storyteller, so all was not completely lost. Here are the before’n’afters:

Before Oct stitchalong

Aaaaand here:
After Oct stitchalong

So. Now you see Mssr. Cuthbert, my storyteller (the dragon is Claude. You know, like ‘Clawed’. I know. Sad. 😛 ).

And now ST is likely to return to the box from whence it came… hopefully not for all eternity!

9 responses to “Confession…

  1. I never do too well with goals. I’m always distracted by the thought of starting a new project 🙂

    Your TW piece is looking awesome!

  2. I’m the same with goals, which is why I don’t set any! haha

    Storyteller looks great, and 7 hours is 7 hours – better than nothing! And if you think it’s sad calling your dragon Claude, what does that make me…I used to have a cat called Claude for the same reason! hahaha

  3. Wonderful progress!

  4. Looking good, even with only seven hours. Now Claude has someone to keep him company in the WIP box. I adore the border on this one.

  5. I think that we all do the same thing: set a goal & stitch everything else we own in preference.

  6. Looks good to me for 7 hours worth of work! I’m the same way, I tell myself I’m not working on something until something else is done and I end up not working on either!

  7. Gorgeous progress – can’t say that I’d get that much done in 7 hours on a TW!

  8. How did I miss this post! Wow, that is gorgeous :o) and hey, where are you? Are you ok?